Adventure Backpack & Equipment Bundle

1 Oct 2015 2:50 PMAidan GrimesAdventure Backpack & Equipment Bundle

To save you time and money, Our Spirit have put together all the basic trekking equipment you will need for the jungles of PNG into one package. It's the the most convenient way to order all your trekking supplies at once (saving on delivery costs) and have it delivered to your door within 5 working days.

$494.50 $420.00
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Adventure Backpack

1 Oct 2015 2:40 PMAidan GrimesAdventure Backpack

Affordable 60 Litre adventure backpack perfect for trekking in the jungles of PNG with adequate space, comfort and reliability

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Premium Trekking Socks

1 Oct 2015 12:30 PMAidan GrimesPremium Trekking Socks

Our Spirit trekking socks were researched, designed and created by Aidan Grimes after many adventures over 20 years frustrated by the lack of quality product looking after the most important part of trekking.. your feet. These socks are Left/right specific with cleverly placed pads to help prevent blisters and chaffing.

$35.95 $29.95
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Boot Bag

5 Mar 2015 12:14 PMAidan GrimesBoot Bag

This 40 litre capacity water proof bag keeps your dirty or wet boots and socks away from your dry clothes. It makes travelling with adventure gear much more comfortable.

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Seamless Bandana

5 Mar 2015 11:51 AMAidan GrimesSeamless Bandana

No more sweat in your eyes! This bandana can be worn many ways and be used during trekking or sports, or it can be worn as a fashion icon. The unique design is also a great momento of the Kokoda campaign.

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Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

18 Nov 2014 2:40 PMAidan GrimesCotton Sleeping Bag Liner

This light weight cotton liner is the best way to keep your sleeping bag clean, especially in the jungles of PNG.

$29.95 $26.95
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Self-Inflating Mattress

18 Nov 2014 2:13 PMAidan GrimesSelf-Inflating Mattress

Comfortable inflatable mattress that promotes better sleep in camping environments. Ideal for use in the jungles of PNG after a challenging day of trekking.

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Camp Pillow

7 May 2014 10:46 AMAidan GrimesCamp Pillow

Don't leave home without this foldable trek pillow that offers a tired trekker a pillow that allows for a great nights sleep and some much needed recovery. Its lightweight and compact design is a must for any backpack.

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3W LED Headlamp

7 May 2014 10:39 AMAidan Grimes3W LED Headlamp

This reliable light weight and affordable ultra bright headlight allows you the freedom to move in the dark whilst keeping your hands free. This 130 Lumens headlight is ideal for trekking in the jungles of PNG and elsewhere.

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2L Drinking Bladder

7 May 2014 10:28 AMAidan Grimes2L Drinking Bladder

This 2 litre drinking bladder is an ideal product for keeping hydrated while trekking the jungles of PNG or any other extreme environment.

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Kokoda Poster

16 Aug 2012 2:00 PMAidan GrimesKokoda Poster

This beautiful piece of artwork brings to life the true essence of what the Kokoda experience is really about. Tracing the journey that our brave diggers took. And mapping out the track where you and your team also shared an incredible voyage of self discovery. This artwork talks of the endurance the passion and the spirit of our diggers that you felt first hand. Not to mention the beautiful smiling faces of the PNG children.

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