Our Integrity

Our Spirit is committed to ethical business practices and believe integrity creates and leaves a legacy that is fundamental to our culture. Sustainability and respect are the cornerstones of our relationships of the countries, land owners and indigenous people who enable us to deliver our adventures.  

Our brand is built on integrity supported by the pride and passion of a committed team of contributors. We are extremely grateful to all our contributors, in particular our families, friends and suppliers who are critical to our success. 

Our Affiliates

Our Spirit is a current member of the following organisations:

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  • Aboriginal Tourism Australia
  • Institute of International Peace Through Tourism association (IIPT)
  • World Responsible Tourism
  • 2nd 16th Battalion
  • 2nd 14th Battalion
  • 39th Militia

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Upcoming Events

2021 Kokoda ANZAC Trek (12 Day Trip)2021 Kokoda ANZAC Trek (12 Day Trip)15 Apr 2021 - 26 Apr 2021We invite you on this 12 day life changing experience in PNG. Experience the highs and lows of the treacherous Kokoda Track with a sense of courage, endurance and mateship without the ultimate sacrifice that our digger's made before us. At the end of the trek, stand proud with us on ANZAC Day at the Bomana Cemetery to pay tribute and remember those famous Diggers who fought to save Australia from invasion in 1942.More... Book Now... Add to Calendar
2021 Non Trekking Kokoda ANZAC History Tour (9 Day Trip)2021 Non Trekking Kokoda ANZAC History Tour (9 Day Trip)18 Apr 2021 - 26 Apr 2021Join us on this incredible 8 day adventure in the footsteps of the Aussie Diggers. Limited group size. Guided by an experienced Australian leader with comprehensive local knowledge, customs and an unwavering passion for history, hidden battle sites, treasures and most importantly its legacy. You will experience the untouched local culture and animated story telling as your guide takes you through the battle sites and wrecks littered around PNG.More... Book Now... Add to Calendar

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