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I admire your passion for the kokoda campaign in 1942. You have inspired me to learn more our war history. This trek was an amazing and humbling experience for me. What an amazing country and amazing people. It tested my strength but I was determined and I am so proud of myself for finishing.

Thank you for an amazing experience!


Jenna Sheridan


Thank you for the opportunity of a lifetime. I have really enjoyed getting to know more of Australia’s history and the contribution of our neighbours in Papua New Guinea to our war effort. While there were many tough times on the track, the opportunities for personal growth were well worth the tough times and I think I have emerged from the track a stronger person. Thank you for your passion and commitment in making the kokoda track experience possible for myself and many others. Congratulations on eth Anzac of the year award.

Kerry Robinson



Your grasp of the history of kokoda is amazing. I really appreciated your humour and the way that you were in tune with 50 people at one time. I really felt that I had a tiny window into the horrors of war. Maybe one day with people like you refusing to let the history die that wars will remain in history and not in our present or future.

Good on you mate!! Keep up the great work, thank you for helping me grow

Paul Coughlan



What an amazing experience, your knowledge of the track is second to none. To organise such a large crew and keep spirits up you did a fantastic job. Owen, Simo and yourself take everybody’s needs into account. There were times when I thought what am I doing here? But what these diggers did in that campaign made me push through. Once again thanks I’ll be back again.

Tony Smith


Thanks for an amazing experience, I have learnt so much about the war and the campaign. I loved every bit if it thanks very much, I’ll be back



Thanks for an amazing experience, it’s the best thing I have ever done. A very challenging task to get everyone across safely.. so congratulations. Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge and thanks for the laughs. Congratulations on your achievement and see you again

Luke Mollica



The passion which you have for the kokoda campaign is second to none and I learnt so much from you throughout the trip. I had an amazing experience and am so glad that I had the opportunity to complete it with you.

Congratulations on your award, you thoroughly deserve it and keep spreading the kokoda message.

Dan Pelzer



Thank you for making this a very special experience for me. Your knowledge especially of the history relating to my own family , really brought so much more reality to what my grandfather was involved in. it wasn’t just a walk it brought me even closer to the grandfather I never knew. I loved the challenge and was proud to complete it with a great bunch of people. I will however hold the ranga jokes against you for a long time


Kate Howe



Thank you for an amazing experience. Kokoda tested my body (well my knees mostly!!) and my mind. Your passion for Aussie history is infectious and will be well rewarded this Anzac Day 2012. Like my partner in crime Kate, we had a great time.

I loved kokoda, I hated kokoda, and then I loved it again. The generosity of locals and self disregard of the Legends is inspiring and humbling. Thank you and congratulations on another successful kokoda trek.

Erin Twigg

Dear Aidan,

Thank you for a fantastic and memorable experience. I grew up in the wonderful country of PNG and learnt about the track from a very young age.. I had wanted to walk the track from a very young age.. I had wanted to walk the track for a very long time and am very thankful that I got to do it with someone who has an obvious passion for the track, its history and the country. Whilst my grandfather was not an Australian soldier, he fought for the British and was a prisoner of war, working on the Burma railway. This experience has brought me closer to understanding his hardships and struggles which is what I had hoped to achieve….and so for that, I thank you.

I also thank you for what you have done for PNG and the close relationships you have formed with the people of this country, because that is something I also hold dear. Wishing you all the best.

Emma Huckins

Hey Aidan,

I just wanted to thank you for leading us through an amazing country, a temultous track and a history of our nation which is clearly undertold. I don’t express (man tears) like my flatmate Beggars did last year, but I appreciate your knowledge and passion for Australian military history.

Whilst you pushed us as a group, you achieved the objective and showed us the track is certainly alive and bites back (scratches and itches to prove it) you have a great relationship with your legends and your friendships with local villages shines through. It was a pleasure to complete this journey with my mates and colleagues so thank you for your patience . all the best and kind regards

Julia Bradley

Hey Aidan,

Firstly thanks for leading us on this little journey. I came on this trek prepared , I believe however this was no guarantee for low points as I had many. If anyone asks me for advice I will tell them to train hard, prepare physically and buy shares in a chemist as preventative maintenance is always better than a cure. After this has been done I will say just wait and see how the track decides to treat you. It could be you or your mate next to you that is injured or sick. I find no greater pleasure than seeing someone doing what they love and are passionate about. This my friend is you, and it is an honour to be here for you to do this.

Thanks Dave Scott


Hello Aidan,

Its hard to say what I went through on the track. You have some amazing staff, Owen, Simo. I honestly have an understanding of what some of the soldiers felt during WW2 even though probably would have been happy to stay back and fight them rather than try to walk up some of those bloody hills. I have a deep respect for what you do and wish you well in the future. Im pretty sure I said I’d take the helicopter, then I was walking away after you said “I’d complete the walk”. Once again thank you, your staff and amazing legends who without them I wouldn’t of made it through. I know that I’m deeply sorry and if I come back I will be properly prepared.

Regards Eric TEuben


I know its all been said before, but here goes short and sweet……just like me

Thanks to you, I’ve had an amazing, inspirational experience. You bring the experience to life, its to the point and no frills.. I loved it. I will be sure to spread the word and pass on as best I can all that you have given me in such a short time. You deserve all that comes your way and so much more. Thanks again

Sharlene Harriman




To Aidan,

Thank you soo much for the experience and all the knowledge you shared with us along the track. I not only learnt a lot about the history of the campaign but also a lot about myself. Met some great mates along the way and will carry these memories forever. Thanks again and congratulations on getting us all across and your award.

Nadene Carroll


I knew I would be back and I was but this time it was my personal journey not in the shadow of someone else. To step out from a shadow is a difficult thing to do. Could you have provided a little less sun??? it was a difficult trek for me for more reasons than you know but I made it, thanks to Owen and the legends, jethro is a true legend. I also have to mention I love PNG the people and the history. I understand so much more and will continue to learn and share with those back home. ThanksPauline Setter



Mate, you are a true Aussie legend,. You have done more for the diggers and their memories than anyone. Your passion and drive is unmatched at keeping the story alive. I’m privileged to know you and have certainly discovered things about myself because of the opportunities you have given me. You truly do deserve the Anzac Award. It could not have gone to a better Aussie!!

Chris Simmons, Paramedic ,



Mate what can I say…….. Thank you!! Your passion and drive is truly amazing. You have taught me things about myself that I never will have discovered on my own. Your love for PNG and the track is infectious but the experience I have got is life changing and without doubt one of the best things that has ever happened to me. You are an aussie legend and our country and the Anzacs are all better off for having known you. Keep on telling your story, their story as only you can!!! I am proud and fortunate to be able to call you a friend. Thanks mate

Tm McCarthy

Hello Aidan,

Thanks for everything. Walking kokoda with you and your team was an amazing experience. I really felt like I was leaving, listening, hiking with the best. Your knowledge and experience blew me away. The way you talk to people is something you should be proud of. You are one of those people tha when you talk everyone listens…. To be honest I didn’t know much about kokoda before coming into it and now I can say I do. Thanks again for everything I will put everything I have into the DVD.

Charlie Lambert, Assoc Producer Ch 9.


Wakey, wakey, …. Mate you are an inspiration to all Australians. The passion, knowledge and determination you have is admirable. I know in my heart and mind that I will pass on the knowledge and passion you have displayed over the past 12 days. You run a tight ship and it shows with your 100% success rate, congrats mate. The way you operate is a trait I will take on board myself in business and life. I have learnt a lot about myself on this adventure and I now know I can push the limits even further, so I thank you for helping me get to that level. I know we will stay in contact because I really want to do some photos relating to the PNG campaign. Thanks a million

Matty Veitch



My kokoda Experience was one of mateship, generosity and most importantly Charlie. Thank you for surrounding yourself with amazing people, they had a great impact.. their generosity in particular. When I walked past other groups there was little speech. Everyone in your group knew the meaning of teamwork and fun. Simmo is brilliant and huge thank you to him. Meeting Charlie, sharing his life and stories is why I travel and why I would recommend Kokoda. It is important to learn others way of life in order to make a difference. Thank you for you moving service at Isurava.

Nicole Deabel


Thanks for the memories which you have helped create for me over the past 12 days. Thanks for taking me on 5 weeks out from starting the trek. I have learnt a lot from you about the kokoda campaign that I didn’t know beforehand. You first speech at the Police Legacy Ball was inspirational , which is why I am here… you have a wonderful group surrounding you, which are a credit to you. Owen, you couldn’t ask for a better advocate and strong character and lovely, lovely man. So sweet and kind. Simmo, is a genuine and dedicated supportive fun guy, who cared and helped so many along the way. Thanks for the pills on day 7. The group of people on this trip were a great and fun bunch. So many wonderful and outstanding characters. The Legatees …what a fun and inspirational group of six wonderful youthful people. Their lives having had such a loss that I certainly cannot and don’t wish to yet experience but can certainly sympathise with the m. their strong and happy outlook on life and experiences are an absolute tribute to their upbringing and character. Again thanks for the memories and keep doing what you are doing. Like you say its sad that it takes an Irishman to do it, but having known a wonderful Irishman all my life (father) im happy and grateful that you are  take care and best regards

Peta Courtney

HI Aidan,

This was an incredible adventure for me, emotionally and physically. It was everything I expected and more. As Tyron said, your spirit is strong and your legacy is the legend that is kokoda. I will spread the story of kokoda because that is what you want and that is what all Australians need to know. We will meet again in the future im sure, until then…..

Michael Forbes

Dear Aidan,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I have always seen myself as a passionate Australian, and now with you r guidance, passion, knowledge and inspiration I feel that Australian spirit inside me and FINALLY understand what our great country is all about. You are an amazing person and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done and do not only for teaching Australians about the kokoda campaign but also for the great things you do for the PNG people. You are a modern day hero, you have an aura about you that nothing will ever destroy. I admire you and am inspired to learn more about the kokoda campaign to really know my country’s history and pass it on to others. I would love to get a smaller group together and do the kokoda track again to experience more challenging and achieve more from this great place. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done and I thank you ,, Owen and Simmo for your help to get me through it, stay amazing!!

Tim Keary



Aidan, you have been a true inspiration throughout the track. At times I saw you struggle, become dehydrated and that helped me overcome the difficulties I encountered, Knowing that the “machine” even had trouble!!! Your passion for the history of kokoda and your knowledge in everything related has encouraged me to be more than I am. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, it will not be forgotten. I hope to do the track with you again in the not too distant future.. your mate,

Matty Woods


Dear aidan,

Thank you so much for everything. Doing the kokoda track with you was a wonderful experience I wont ever forget and I’m sure i will continue to learn from for years to come. I found you very inspiring and I admire your passion for Australia and its war history, it definitely shows in your talks. I really appreciate all the encouragement you gave us throughout the journey and I truly appreciate all the efforts you and the legends put in. once again thanks for everything.


Dear Aidan,

I just want to thank you for this opportunity that for me I will never forget. I want to say that your passion and love for the kokoda track is the biggest inspiration and I really appreciate that. I know my dad will be watching over me and is proud as you said….. so thank you very , very much

Ashleigh Monk Aidan,

Certainly a journey I will never forget nor wish to…….. so much to learn about the efforts of those that fought for us

“stand tall and never give up”

David Walker


To Aidan,

Thank you for the experience you have given me and all of the Legatees on this amazing journey. I know I gave you a tough time and I have now learnt that I need to take care of myself and thank you for showing me that. I started off feeling I could help people through this and that I was strong enough to do so but I realise that he first person I need to help is myself. Thank you for making me realise this because I would never have figured this out for myself. Like Jane said you take a horse to water but you cant make it drink. No one can do this for me and I have to do this for myself to keep myself alive each day and to appreciate who I am and where I have come from. I had my family with me along the track …. I really appreciate all that you have done

Louise Carters

Dear aidan

Well first of all thank you so much!!! This track has been something ive wanted to do for sometime and all the refferals from specialist paramedic,,, Mick Mair about you have never been more accurate. Sure at times I thought this is bullshit! But your encouragement and passion would get anyone across that track!!! Your knowledge of the Australian history is absolutely outstanding, and to think a mad Irishman is preaching what we should already know is embarrassing, thank you. Our group was a great bunch of people. Dave and I didn’t know anyone and we have met some wonderful ,good fun , good spirited people. The Legatees, well what can I say, beautiful people and they are a credit to those who have raised and nurtured them. So often along the track when we came to a difficult spot, that black hand would appear and hold mine to make it easier. The people along the track were a pleasure to come across. Certain people in my life doubted my ability to do this and to achieve it is something I will never forget thanks to you, Owen, Simmo, Dave Walker. To think what our soldiers endured is unbelievable you are so right, the knowledge and history of the track needs to be spread far and wide throughout Australia…. It should be at school. Thanks so much once again.



Hey Mate, im a man of little words , but thanks

Lest we forget

Anthony Walgrove

Lest our children forget...

As an educator, I see learning opportunities in every aspect of my adventure. We can read about the [Kokoda] track, watch movies and hear stories, but there is nothing like going to PNG and traversing the track, to embed the stories in you. Somehow, the Kokoda experience gets under your skin.

"It was my great privilege to walk the Kokoda Track with Aidan Grimes and Our Spirit in August, 2017. It had been something that had been in the back of my mind after watching Australian Story, in the late 1980’s or early 90’s. My husband completed his first crossing in 2013, arousing my interest once again, doing his second crossing with our oldest son in 2016. Early in 2017 I figured it was my turn to embrace the spirit and learn more about the history of the track, its people and how the outcome of the military battles that took place there, during WWII, helped shape our Nation.

I knew I needed to be physically prepared for the challenge and with a background as a Physical Education teacher, the training program combined with my internal drive made it very enjoyable. I must say though, when I attempted to draw on my knowledge of the Kokoda Track and the PNG campaign from my school years, I felt sadly lacking. My husband is an ex-soldier and I have attended many an ANZAC Day service by his side. As our children have grown we have attended our local RSL’s service, where school children are invited to speak; to tell the story of servicemen/women, medical staff or even some of the animals who have fought for the “Motherland” and Australia. I look back and note that the students speak of Gallipoli; to a lesser extent, Vietnam; and more recently, Afghanistan; yet more often than not, the Kokoda Track Campaign seems to be overlooked, despite it being the first time that the act of war came upon our shores.

There is no real surprise that our children know so little about Kokoda, when you consider that many of the battles in the Middle-East were kept quiet, as Australian soldiers found themselves in combat with French Nationals, presumably our allies; the British High Command was much more concerned with the defence of Mother England, than the threat to its distant Commonwealth shores; and the fact that our troops were put under the command of the self-promoting General MacArthur of the United States. Let’s not forget that our highly trained 2nd 14th and 2nd 16th Battalions were otherwise engaged when the threat of Japanese invasion came upon our shores, so our Government had to send our embarrassingly under-prepared, young and ill-supplied 39th Militia. What they all came to achieve over a very short period, against a highly trained enemy is truly remarkable.

Despite training as a secondary school teacher, I have been teaching in Primary Schools for coming up to ten years. The battles of the Kokoda Track Campaign are the most significant in Australia’s military history. I feel that it is very important that our children be immersed in the history, which shaped our Nation. I did a lot of reading before embarking on my trek across the Kokoda Track, but nothing can prepare you for the emotional impact of the stories of bravery, mateship, strength, courage, honour and sacrifice that you come to know as you progress along the Track.

I have spoken to the students that I teach about many of these values. I have introduced them to the likes of Butch and Stan Bissett who exemplified these values, displaying them selflessly whilst facing each challenge across the track. I have shown them photographs of the terrain and we’ve spoken about our Aussie soldiers being the under-dogs, critically undermanned, under-armed and ill-prepared, how they adapted to new and foreign circumstances and how their strength of character never allowed them to give up. They didn’t want to let down themselves or their mates. I encourage students to embrace these character traits and reap the rewards and successes that can follow. I talk to them about what I achieved during my quest to cross the track and hope I am setting a good example and being an inspirational role model to them by letting them know that you can achieve anything when you put your mind to it.

When I returned from Kokoda, I wanted everyone to know about what the Australian’s achieved during the campaign. I personally feel that my life has been enriched by the experience in many ways. As an educator, I see learning opportunities in every aspect of my adventure. We can read about the track, watch movies and hear stories, but there is nothing like going to PNG and traversing the track, to embed the stories in you. Somehow, the Kokoda experience gets under your skin. There is no doubt that Aidan Grimes, founder of Our Spirit, and our guide on the track, brings the experience to life. He has an incredible knowledge of the whole Kokoda Campaign and many of the other battles that form part of this time in our history.

The friendly smiling faces of the locals, the joy of the children in their simple and basic lives, the terrain, the memorials, the stories of our Diggers and the Japanese and the mateship of our fellow trekkers all make for a remarkable personal and educational experience. I would highly recommend this, as a teacher, to all Australian’s but particularly those who are in a position to share this important part of our military history with children. The stories of the soldiers and the battles they fought, lost and won, and how they impacted Australia, should never be forgotten."

Amanda Hull (Teacher)
Dixons Creek and Toolangi Primary Schools (Victoria)

Kokoda is a must for teachers!

Leonie Turner, Ultimo Primary School says "I guarantee you cannot walk the [Kokoda] track and come back a better version of yourself, personally and professionally."

"I met Aidan Grimes back in 2007 when I walked the Kokoda Track with Our Spirit and Aidan as our guide, and it turned out to be a life changing experience on several levels.

My only child, my daughter, had died in 2002 and I was still struggling dealing with my grief. The Kokoda Track would offer a level of physical exertion that matched my grief and somewhere on that track I left my very raw pain. The first day I had several breakdowns, crying inconsolably when one of the Papuan porters moved up next to me and walked the rest of the track, every day with me. Just a bit of the Fuzzy Wuzzy spirit happening there.

Right from the beginning Aidan was the quintessential teacher, leading our group, supporting when needed, sharing stories of the track that he knows so well, that you felt you were living a part of history. I remember my daughter explaining why her history teacher was the best. It was because he told stories, that he lived the history and this is what Aidan does. Each trek a person is chosen each day to carry some lost medals. Aidan has researched who they belonged to and you learn about this person’s service. It was an honour to carry these for one day and know that on return to Australia they would be reunited with the soldier’s family.

I had read up on the Kokoda Track before commencing, but being there, experiencing the conditions, the steepness, humidity, mud and more mud, helped me understand just a little what our boys must have faced and the depths of human spirit they drew on during that time and afterwards.

Since returning from Kokoda in 2007 I have taught my Year 5 & 6 students about the Kokoda Track in addition to other campaigns Australians have fought in. When I tell the stories of Kokoda and my students see how I am emotionally moved by the experience and I can describe the conditions first hand it becomes all the more real. I also tell my students about the happy and friendly children I met along the track. These children who by our standards have very little, yet are richer than we are because of their ties to their community. I also show photos of the Kokoda school and describe how pristine their book work was; their handwriting perfect and their grammar correct. I explain this is because they value their education as not everyone has the right to it.

I work at Ultimo Public School in Sydney and I have taken over how we commemorate Anzac Day (all our students know how to respectfully lay the wreath (even kindy kids) and listen thoughtfully to our service) and Remembrance Day. Hopefully, our school will encourage our students to continue to learn about our history after they leave primary school.

For me what I took away from Kokoda and Aidan was the beginning of learning to love life again and I do now! I learnt it’s okay to laugh and love. I learnt others have done things tougher than me and survived. I learnt I can do something others think is crazy and too hard and finish with a smile. I loved trekking the Kokoda Track with Aidan so much that I walked The Black Cat Track in 2008 and took, what is now, my husband with me.

Trekking Kokoda with Aidan is the most amazing educational experience you can get, but it is so much more than that. I guarantee you cannot walk the track and not come back a better version of yourself, personally and professionally. Every year when sharing stories about Kokoda with my students I encourage them to walk Kokoda when they are old enough and I keep telling colleagues they should walk Kokoda with Aidan and Our Spirit at least once in their life! If I had my way it would be compulsory for all Australian students!

Leonie Turner
Ultimo Public School"

Kokoda Trek - April

Listen to Australian actor, Les Hill describes his Kokoda Track experience - April

ANZAC Kokoda Trek

David Mitchell shares his experience with Our Spirit after completing the 2016 ANZAC Kokoda trek.

Aidan and the Our Spirit team do not tick things off your personal bucket list. The whole team provide a holistic approach to preparing you to embrace the real meaning of the Kokoda Track; the ‘fuzzy wuzzy angels’ (legends), The ANZAC’s, the sacrifice and intestinal fortitude of so many. 102 successful treks is testament that Aidan himself is a modern day Veteran of the track, although his humble view of his own accomplishments would suggest other wise. Aidan’s ability to deliver a truly unique experience is founded on his constant devotion to his personal pledge and not your own demands. That pledge focuses on the true tails of the track, based on the soldiers that sacrificed it all and their personal experiences. Couple this with his heightened ability to understand people’s strengths and weaknesses and you have unforgettable journey that will see tears, smiles, laughter, possibly some gastro and most of all everlasting memories. 

I had the pleasure to attend the 2016 NSW Police Legacy Trek with a group of amazing people who all had their own amazing stories. The correspondence from the Our Spirit team had me completely prepared for the journey however; Aidan’s daily history briefings on the track made the experience one I will never forget. Not once did a person in our group make the journey about themselves and that was led from the front, on the back of Aidan’s personal example. 

I have attended ANZAC Day dawn services for the last 30 years. This year I was in awe of my surroundings as I participated in the service at Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby. Surrounded by the 3824 Commonwealth burials and the thousands of people that turned out was most humbling and an opportunity that I am truly blessed to have been a part of. 

I thank Aidan and his team, which consists not only of local legend Papuan people but many people behind the scenes back in Australia. I would not hesitate to continue my journey of understanding into our local history with the Our Spirit team. 

‘Their name liveth forever more – Lest we forget.’ 
David Mitchell

Kokoda Trek

Watch this video testimonial from a young woman on her first trekking adventure across the Kokoda Track in Papua New Guinea with Our Spirit.

Aidan's 100th trek

Trish King share her Kokoda journey with Our Spirit on Aidan's 100th Kokoda trek.

Kokoda Trek - 2015

Shane Nelson talks about his Kokoda experience on Aidan's 100th trek

Kokoda Trek - November

Neil Davis shares his Kokoda experience with Our Spirit.

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"I didn't think I'd make it! Your passion and perspective on Kokoda and Australian history is both amazing and inspiring"


What an amazing journey you've taken us all on. I didn't think I'd make it! Your passion and perspective on Kokoda and Australian history is both amazing and inspiring.

Well done on continuing the ANZAC legacy and thank you again for allowing me to be a part of it.

Good luck in the future and 1000 blessings!

Simon Day"

ANZAC Kokoda Track - 2015

"I feel very proud to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers and humbled to do it under the leadership of someone as passionate as you"


Having spent the last 9 days with you and this amazing group of people, I feel very proud to walk in the footsteps of our forefathers and humbled to do it under the leadership of someone as passionate as you. Well done mate. Thanks for the memories!


Dan Palmer"

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"Not only have I forged many friends and long standing friendships, I have also grown from my experience"

"Dearest Aidan,

I would love to personally thank you for making my journey so enjoyable. Not only have I forged many friends and long standing friendships, I have also grown from my experience.

Your knowledge and understanding of those in PNG both past and present is outstanding. I could listen to you talk all day about it.

Take care, be safe and travel well my friend.

Until we meet again

Donna Stewart

PS. put your hands up in the air."

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"Thank you for your humour, leadership, encouragement... I hope to bring my son back - it would be life changing for him"

"Dear Aidan,

What an experience. The track has made such a difference to me. It has been a wonderful journey for myself and equally for Baz.

Your passion and knowledge of Kokoda made the difference! 

Thank you for your humour, leadership, encouragement and imitation of my down hill walk!!

I hope to bring my son back - it would be life changing for him

Mandy Hobbs"

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"Thank you so much for all the hard work, planning and scheming that went into making our Kokoda 2015 experience so unique"

"Dearest Aidan,

I certainly see why my father spoke so highly of you - what an amazing experience you have put together. Thank you so much for all the hard work, planning and scheming that went into making our Kokoda 2015 experience so unique. Stan would be so unbelievably proud of the way you retell not only his story but the stories of the countless men who served during the Kokoda campaign.

Your passion is contagiuos and inspirational and you have made a difference to the lives of so many people.

Thank you so much, you crazy Irishman.

Ange "the doc" Fraser"

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"YOU, Aidan Grimes are a man that so reinforces that anything is possible through strength of mind and positive reinforcement"

"Dear Aidan,

I'm a believer of fate and also a believer that we make things happen - to enrich our lives and expand our knowledge. I strive to achieve to be the best I can and create adventures that excite a make life worth living - YOU, Aidan Grimes are a man that so reinforces that anything is possible through strength of mind and positive reinforcement. This fantastic trek on the Kokoda Track is one example of the journey of life that you alone have made very memorable and moving to me and Mandy (physio) for the rest of our lives.

I thank you so much for this journey as I sit now in the Bomana Cemetry totally in awe of the last 14 days.

Thank you again Aidan and I pray our paths cross in the near future in a similar vain.

Cheers mate

Barry (Baza) Hobbs

"You rock fella""

Kokoda Track - April 2015

"I have never experienced anything close to that adventure in my life. Your knowledge and passion for the history of Kokoda made me want more and kept me going"

"Dear Aidan,

I'm finding it hard to find the right words to express how amazing the last 10 days have been for me and how grateful I am to you for your encouragement and inspiration. I have never experienced anything close to that adventure in my life. Your knowledge and passion for the history of Kokoda made me want more and kept me going. So THANK YOU!!


ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"Your passion for our history and being able to bring it alive has made our Kokoda experience so memorable. The Diggers of the Kokoda campaign would be so proud of the way you pass on their stories"

"Dear Aidan,

Thank you for this amazing journey!

Your passion for our history and being able to bring it alive has made our Kokoda experience so memorable. The Diggers of the Kokoda campaign would be so proud of the way you pass on their stories.

It was an emotional journey for me and I know Glen was with me every step of the way. I hope to return sometime soon to walk the track again with Joseph and Ruby.

Thank you again for this incredible experience.

Lisa Huitson"

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"Thank you for honouring those who died and paid the ultimate sacrifice for "All Australians". You have a wonderful gift in your exemplary leadership"

"Dear Aidan,

Thank you for honouring those who died and paid the ultimate sacrifice for "All Australians". You have a wonderful gift in your exemplary leadership. Thank you for sharing your passion of Australian history with me and showing us and sharing with us the 'Kokoda Spirit'. May you continue to encourage others to be all that they can be. May you continue to motivate and harvest the inner strength that you bring out in others. Good luck with all your future endeavours and may you continue to be a blessing to others. You really a wonderful gifted and humble man. 

Best wishes,

Cheryl (Doris) DAY

PS Let me know when your knees pack it in and you need assistant trekkers. :-) "

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"You have enabled me to connect with my family history in a way that I would never have envisaged... Your preparation tips were invaluable and prepared me well"

"Dear Aidan,

Thank you for providing one of the most memoriable experiences of my life. You have enabled me to connect with my family history in a way that I would never have envisaged (as you recall my uncle was killed by a sniper on Black Cat). I have now gained a minute appreciation of what he possibly endured that words that were unsaid in his letter to my mother. Your preparation tips were invaluable and prepared me well. I smelt the roses and spent a lot of time self reflecting. As I said, your rendition of 'Danny Boy' was amazing and really struck a chord. I was so humbled to then be awarded the Stan Bisset medal for a day- it was like fate. It meant more than I can say. Perhaps we will meet again on the Black Cat Track.

Thank you so much.

Kerrie Ann"

ANZAC Kokoda Trek - 2015

"I very much appreciate how well organised and purposeful all your efforts are. I believe the whole group are the better for choosing the track under your leadership.

"Dear Aidan,

Thank you for an awesome experience. I very much appreciate how well organised and purposeful all your efforts are. I believe the whole group are the better for choosing the track under your leadership. Thank you so much for your patience and good humour. From oldest to youngest, you are a great example and wonderful leader. Good luck and God bless on all your future efforts.

Warmest regards,

Garry McPhee"

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