Mosquito Net

7 Dec 2014 2:13 PMAidan GrimesMosquito Net

This bell shaped light weight, compact insect net is ideal for sleeping in native huts in the jungles of PNG or tropical environments

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Silk Sleeping Bag Liner

18 Nov 2014 2:40 PMAidan GrimesSilk Sleeping Bag Liner

This light weight, compact sleeping bag liner is ideal for hot nights where you can sleep in comfort. It's also a great option to protect your sleeping bag.

$75.95 $49.95
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Cotton Sleeping Bag Liner

18 Nov 2014 2:40 PMAidan GrimesCotton Sleeping Bag Liner

This light weight cotton liner is the best way to keep your sleeping bag clean, especially in the jungles of PNG.

$29.95 $26.95
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Self-Inflating Mattress

18 Nov 2014 2:13 PMAidan GrimesSelf-Inflating Mattress

Comfortable inflatable mattress that promotes better sleep in camping environments. Ideal for use in the jungles of PNG after a challenging day of trekking.

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Micro-fibre Hand Towel

8 May 2014 10:39 AMAidan GrimesMicro-fibre Hand Towel

This light weight, quick drying chamois, fibre cloth is excellent to use as a face or hand towel while travelling.

$29.95 $19.95
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Camp Pillow

7 May 2014 10:46 AMAidan GrimesCamp Pillow

Don't leave home without this foldable trek pillow that offers a tired trekker a pillow that allows for a great nights sleep and some much needed recovery. Its lightweight and compact design is a must for any backpack.

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3W LED Headlamp

7 May 2014 10:39 AMAidan Grimes3W LED Headlamp

This reliable light weight and affordable ultra bright headlight allows you the freedom to move in the dark whilst keeping your hands free. This 130 Lumens headlight is ideal for trekking in the jungles of PNG and elsewhere.

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2L Drinking Bladder

7 May 2014 10:28 AMAidan Grimes2L Drinking Bladder

This 2 litre drinking bladder is an ideal product for keeping hydrated while trekking the jungles of PNG or any other extreme environment.

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Combo Eating Utensil

7 May 2014 10:28 AMAidan GrimesCombo Eating Utensil

This light weight, practical 3 in 1 sturdy plastic eating utensil combines a knife, fork and spoon to eliminate the need for 3 separate eating tools while travelling

$3.95 $2.95
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