The Camino de Santiago Trail

The Camino is the crown jewel of Spanish walking trails. It is an adventure filled with amazing historical sites and wonderful architectural features. Over 12 days, we will walk 215km of this Christian Pilgrimage. Throughout the Galacian region filled with grand rainforests and majestic waterways. Don't say one day... BOOK TODAY

Watch the following Camino promotional youtube video which will give you a sense of the journey ahead



Our Spirit's adventure walk is the ultimate Camino experience. Guided by competent Australian leaders with expertise in trekking that have an unwavering passion for the Camino history and will show you many hidden treasures plus all of the main features along the way. It is about taking time out of your everyday life to reflect and get a new perspective, while walking in the tranquil beauty of Spain. This will be a trip of a lifetime.

Age is not a limitation on Our Spirit adventures and we have support for guests who need some extra assistance to complete the journey. We strongly believe, pre-trek Camino preparation is the key to your success. For this reason, participants commence their Camino bushwalking adventure with Our Spirit up to 3 months prior to departure with a comprehensive pre-trek training program including event specific exercise and nutritional advice with Wellbeing Solutions.

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