Do you or your kids suffer Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) ?.. the Kokoda Track can solve this!!!!

14 Nov 2016 12:00 AMDo you or your kids suffer Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) ?.. the Kokoda Track can solve this!!!!

It is common knowledge now the benefits kids and adults receive from spending time in nature. However, recently it has come to light that there is potentially a condition called Nature deficit disorder NDD that modern kids are exposed to due to the modernization of society and the lack of opportunities to play and explore.

Recent research is now starting to show that we are spending more time indoors, especially children, resulting in increasing behavioural problems. With the advent of the computer, video games, and television children have more and more reasons to stay inside - the average child can spend up to 40 hours a week with electronic media. We now have a society concerned greatly with safety to such an extent that parents growing fear of “stranger danger” fueled by the media, are keeping children indoors to protect them, resulting in a lack of connection with nature and the ability to imaginatively explore.

Our kids are also being marginalised by the loss of natural surroundings in a child's neighborhood and city. Many parks and nature preserves have restricted access and "do not walk off the trail" signs. Environmentalists and educators add to the restriction telling children "look don't touch". While they are protecting the natural environment Aidan Grimes questions the cost of that protection on our children's relationship and ultimately the benefits of the relation with nature. Studies by other researchers throughout the world suggest physical activity and exposure to nature are important to good health, report positive impacts upon mental health and wellbeing associated with natural environments, and can reduce sadness and negative emotions.

As a parent with a large amount of control and influence in your children's lives are you getting your dose of healthy nature?? Or are you too suffering NDD?

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