Shaggy Ridge Track

Shaggy Ridge is a spine that lays across the Finisterre Range above the Ramu Valley in PNG. As you climb its steep contours you instantly become highly appreciative of the endurance our Diggers displayed in 1943–44.

This little known story is about two nations that fought along these razorbacks in a scramble for its valued positions. The Japanese army in their desperation, fought tenaciously to try and protect its retreat to Madang on the coast. Many historians acknowledge this campaign as one of the finest feats of arms in the history of the Australian Army.

For anyone with an interest in history, endurance, personal challenge, culture, nature, scenery, this unique adventure is a must. You get to see the greenest battle scarred ridges that on some days rises up above the cloud line, the friendly natives that offer you friendship and their unique hospitality, the birds and insects that inhabit this unique terrain that seem to mock you as you make your way along the trail. As you stop and look back across the trail you will continue question, “How could they fight a war in this terrain?”

The Shaggy Ridge adventure is about personal challenge, it’s about challenging yourself to prepare 3 months prior to departure to have a level of fitness to ensure that you pay respect to the demands of the trail as you follow in the footsteps of our Diggers. 

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