The Black Cat Track

The Black Cat Track is a challenging 58km PNG Adventure that runs between Salamaua and Wau in the Morobe Province. It is a forgotten World War 2 trail that passes through some of the toughest and most hazardous terrain in the world. Australian Diggers have often been heard describing the Black Cat Track as the hardest slog they’d ever done. In fact the Black Cat Track rates harder than the Kokoda Track. It includes dangerous river crossings, swamps, cliffs, trees that are fallen, moss covered rocks and dangerous ledges. This makes the Black Cat Trail one of the toughest tracks in PNG and in the world. It is known to walkers what the marathon is to runners.

Evidence of the ferocious fighting with the Japanese is evident everywhere. The Black Cat Track is littered with live bombs, ammunition and other war junk, including boots and even plane wrecks, just like Kokoda. There are also Japanese tunnels and anti-aircraft guns. Many soldiers and local carriers lost their lives on this treacherous path in 1942 and 1943. This trail offers the opportunity to pay your respects to them by completing this personal challenge.

Today the Black Cat Track is peaceful, tranquil and much less traveled, but the locals are still as hospitable and supportive as they were in 1942. This makes for a genuine cultural experience. But note, the Black Cat Track is recommended only for very fit and experienced trekkers.

Here is the media footage for Federal MPs Scott Morrison and Jason Clare doing the Black Cat Track with Our Spirit in April 2013. 


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