Testimonial by Dean Trevaskis, Ocean Shores, NSW

Our family trip to the Kokoda Track was everything I wanted and more.

Kokoda Track - June 2006

"Just wanted to say thank you to Aidan, Rob, The Legends and the entire team at Our Spirit for an experience I will never forget. Our family trip to the Kokoda Track was everything I wanted and more. Aidan's passion was infectious, his knowledge, research and presentation outstanding and his professionalism and management of the group gave us all a great sense of safety. Rob's medical expertise ensured we all felt safe and all made it through to Owers Corner in great shape. The respect and friendship shared with the Legends and villagers made us all feel like we were doing the Track the way it should be done. I personally felt I had the opportunity to experience and overcome the physical challenge, learn the history and feel the pain and sacrifice of both the Diggers and Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.

I also grew as a person and shared an experience with eight members of my family that has formed a bond between us that will remain throughout our lives. I saw many other groups on the track breezing through sacred sites like Brigade Hill and Isurava apparently oblivious to their importance. I saw other trekkers flown out and many obviously struggling to the point of hating the whole experience. I have no doubt if they had chosen to do Kokoda with Our Spirit their experience would have been totally different.

Thank you Aidan and Rob for getting to know us all, sharing your passion, lifting our spirits when we needed it and most importantly giving us the opportunity to understand the legacy of the men who gave so much on the Kokoda Track. Other members of our group have told me it has been the greatest experience of their lives. I have no doubt the best of our Kokoda trip is yet to come as our experience improves us all as people and passionate Australians. I have a strong sense that my connection to the Track is only just beginning. I feel compelled to pass the story on."

Dean Trevaskis, Ocean Shores, NSW