Kokoda Trek - June 2009

I enjoyed not having to walk 'nose to tail' like other groups we passed. When you're all one after the other, you wouldn't be inclined to stop and 'smell the roses' as much, take photos etc. because you'd feel you were holding the group up

Liz, Aidan and Allie 

  • "Meticulous planning on the part of Our Spirit and Pauk Charles at PNG Travel. Paul was a wealth of info as he had walked the Track with Our Spirit, a huge plus and selling point for me. He had also stayed and dived at Loloata Island.
  • Our Spirit gave me contact details for other ladies who had trekked with them and these ladies were most helpful. First hand recommendation is most important to me (anyone can build a fantastic website) and the key reason I chose your company.


  • Good and prompt communication on most occasions
  • I enjoyed starting the journey up towards the beachheads, giving us a snapshot of more of the country ( and history) than just the track.
  • The legends were all, without exception, friendly, helpful and caring.
  • I enjoyed not having to walk ‘nose to tail’ like other groups we passed. When you’re all one after the other you wouldn’t be inclined to stop and ‘smell the roses’ as much, take photos etc because you’d feel you were holding the group up.
  • Aidan’s motivational praise to keep us moving.
  • I loved making camp each night with just ourselves.
  • Carrying the medals and learning the story of an old digger made the trek that much more meaningful.
  • Visiting Bomana cemetery at the end of the trek, rather than as you were setting out.
  • Staying at a hotel that necessitated a drive through downtown Pt Moresby ( as opposed to airport hotels) – again another snapshot of the city we would not have seen if we’d been staying at say the Airways Hotel.
  • The ration packs. Very filling and tasty."


Liz Murray, Trilby Station, NSW