Testimonial by Matt McConnell, 20 year old, Warrnambool

Overall I was honoured to do the track with such a professional company and will one day do it again! Thanks heaps - it has been a great journey!!

Kokoda Track - July 2008

As a 20 year old male, I found the Kokoda Track an amazing experience.  Before the trip I knew barely anything about the torturous conditions suffered by all of the soldiers.. Our trek leader was amazing at giving all of us on the trip a great insight into the happenings along the track and his feelings were shown greatly in his presentations, particularly at Brigade Hill and Isurava.

Loved the way that we were able to interact with villages along the way and also village meals were great.

The Legends (Papuan guides) on our trip were an amazing bunch of blokes who were willing to help with the understanding of their native "motu" language and with details on the track.

The days were at a great length with the "rest days" fitting in well to the itinerary.

On talking with people trekking with other companies, we realised we were quite lucky to get the insight on the track that they didn't seem to.

I did although, get sick of pasta, fresh fruit/vegies were great and teh roast/hotpot meals were different and nice.

Matthew McCallum, 20 Year Old, Warrnambool