Testimonial by Kokoda Challenge Kids 2006

Kokoda Challenge Kids have their say...

Kokoda Challenge Kids - September 2006

"Aidan, In the short time I've known you, you've done more for me thatn anyone has"... Brad

"Words cannot express how thankful I really am for your support and for helping me get to the top, one step at a time". Skye

"Thanks for nearly killing me - kidding :-)  I had an awesome time, I've learned lots and will remember this trip for a lifetime.  Keep up the good work". Emmi-Lee

"Thanks for all the things you've done - great man!" James

"Uda Beroma, thank you bud haria lao lakatani mu nega dow do oi la ura henia - you are an inspiration! Torana namonah - Kokoda lives on." Mile

"Thanks heaps for the best time of my life.  What an experience.  I've learned a lot."  Ross

"You made me understand I can hit the stars, so I'm gonna start reaching out for them" Beau

"Thank you for leading us on the Kokoda Trail experience" Deja

"Aidan, you helped me so muh over the last couple of days.  Thank you so much - greatest time ever"  Josh

"Aidan, you already know how much you've done for me so I'm not gonna even attempt to explain now.  What I am gonna say though is that you have made me believe that I can reach my dreams and because of that I am certainly gonna go for it!  This certainly won't be the last you hear from me."  Tiff