Dear Aidan,

I wish to formally thank you for the recent Kokoda Track experience myself and the rest of our group were exposed to. From a personal perspective, this was by far one of the most challenging fortnights I’ve encountered in my life, from a physical, mental and emotional point of view.

I felt very fortunate to have been led by yourself with the invaluable assistance of Owen and the legends. It is difficult to explain in writing what I obtained from both of you, however your track expertise, war history and personal approach to successfully leading a group of trekkers is to be applauded.

Although I have now been back in my Sydney home for only 3 days, I feel I miss the track already. I thank you and the Our Spirit team immensely for providing a truly memorable experience, one that I will keep with me forever and will endeavour to create for my own children as we embark on a similar journey one day together across the Owen Stanley Ranges.

Kind Regards


Scott Young

(Grandson of Staff Sergeant Phillip John Steeles, 2/55 LAD, NX 79886)

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