Thanks for the memories which you have helped create for me over the past 12 days. Thanks for taking me on 5 weeks out from starting the trek. I have learnt a lot from you about the kokoda campaign that I didn’t know beforehand. Your first speech at the Police Legacy Ball was inspirational , which is why I am here… you have a wonderful group surrounding you, which are a credit to you. Owen, you couldn’t ask for a better advocate and strong character and lovely, lovely man. So sweet and kind.  Simmo, is a genuine and dedicated supportive fun guy, who cared and helped so many along the way. Thanks for the pills on day 7. The group of people on this trip were a great and fun bunch. So many wonderful and outstanding characters. The Legatees …what a fun and inspirational group  of six wonderful youthful people. Their lives having had such a loss that I certainly cannot and don’t wish to yet experience but can certainly sympathise with the me. their strong and happy outlook on life and experiences are an absolute tribute to their upbringing and character. Again thanks for the memories and keep doing what you are doing. Like you say its sad that it takes an Irishman to do it, but having known a wonderful Irishman all my life (father) im happy and grateful that you are :-) take care and best regards

Peta Courtney 24/4/2012


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