My kokoda Experience was one of mateship, generosity and most importantly Charlie. Thank you for surrounding yourself with amazing people, they had a great impact.. their generosity in particular. When I walked past other groups there was little speech. Everyone in your group knew the meaning of teamwork and fun. Simmo is brilliant and huge thank you to him. Meeting Charlie, sharing his life and stories is why I travel and why I would recommend Kokoda. It is important to learn others way of life in order to make a difference. Thank you for you moving service at Isurava.

Nicole Deabel 24/4/2012

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2022 Kokoda Trek (11 Day Trip)2022 Kokoda Trek (11 Day Trip)25 Sep 2022 - 5 Oct 2022Join us on this incredible 9 day adventure walk in the footsteps of the Aussie Diggers. Limited group size. Guided by an experienced Australian leader with comprehensive local knowledge and customs and an unwavering passion for the Kokoda history, hidden battle sites, treasures and most importantly its legacy, you will experience the highs and lows of the treacherous Kokoda Track with a sense of courage, endurance and mateship without the ultimate sacrifice that our digger's made before us.More... Book Now... Add to Calendar

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