Corporate Challenges


Our Spirit has a proven track record in the design and management of extreme adventures for corporate, charity and sports organisations delivering effective leadership programs, charity initiatives and incentive programs.

Events Management Track Record


Corporate Challenges




80+ x Kokoda Adventures 1996 – 2013

96klm Juggle Trek

9-11 Days

120 x NSW Police Officers
45 x Colliers International &
PRDnationwide Management Teams
20 x Microsoft Executives
16 Cardiac Surgeons
15 x Computer Associates Executives

2 x Sydney to Perth Cycle Challenge 2011 - 2013 3790km Road Cycle 10 Days Microsoft
Tassie Challenge 2000

Extreme event

  • Bush Trek
  • Cycling
  • Kayaking
5 Days Microsoft
Computer Associates
Vodafone Extreme Corporate Challenge 2000 - Simpson Desert 600km Desert Cycle 7 Days Vodafone
M&C Satchi
Computer Associates


Our Spirit's team spirit adventures provide organisational development, PR and media opportunities that:

  • Enhance employees psychological and physiological wellbeing
  • Improve morale and team cohesion
  • Create and enhance team focus at executive level
  • Encourage an environment conducive to creative problem solving
  • Assess leadership effectiveness under team extreme conditions
  • Reflect and enhances a positive corporate image within the wider community
  • Demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to a worthy charity
  • Raise your organisation’s profile amongst an elite corporate community
  • Create valuable networking opportunities

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