Since 1989, we have partnered with thousands of families, teams, individuals and corporates resulting in extraordinary memories... Our focus continues to be on High quality life changing experiences underscored by our vast qualifications and experience. Our concentrated approach and attention to the overall immersive, authentic experience, results in a culture of success.


Given the current disconnection faced by many, we have decided to expand on our current offerings by presenting solutions with recreational activity and of course the … Camp FIRE (the classroom). This raw, uncomplicated setting provides the perfect conduit for individual and team growth. It becomes a classroom where each participant is valued, respected, and can speak confidently and openly around the community fire.


Our qualifications, expertise and vast experiences provide you with access to Ex Physiologists, Nutritionists, Counsellors, Coaches underpinned by the philosophy of the Kokoda Track history and its learnings.

With a major focus of staying in the present these camps teach you to set goals that you can achieve now..


Our small group size allows for concentrated, guided development to occur.


‘ Plateaus will appear, and rather than get impatient or frustrated, you use these times to adapt to that level, master it and go on to discover levels beyond what you thought were limits. To force or try to make yourself push past the plateau will prove to be futile, counterproductive and discouraging. Plateaus are simply one more natural stop on the journey, a time to refuel your emotional, spiritual, mental tanks, enjoy the moment, accrue the confidence from mastering that leve,l and then advance not when you think you should, but when the time is right. Trust that when you go slower, you often arrive sooner.”

Aidan Grimes 2020

‘Refuse to offer excuses when you experience slumps, choking, and blocks, or a have a mental meltdown. Expect fluctuations and listen to their song. In a safe environment (team and inner self) you will continue on the road to mental toughness. Remember that excuses ARE regressions, failures, mistakes. They allow the mind to "check out", not care and justify failure and write it off as useless when, indeed, it is our guru, teacher, mentor. . . how we learn all that we know. Embrace and accept failure -- this builds mental toughness.’

Wayne Shaw, Camp 3, 2020.




Camp Connection


This Camp is truly about anyone interested in quality people connections whilst pursuing Health and Wellbeing, Education and Goals.


The Camp Connection is all about EXPERIENCES!


Camp Resilience

For Teenagers of all ages that need that bit of support to be able take on some testing challenges to be able to see what they truly can achieve. This camp is about equipping participants with the necessary skills, information and education to be the best that they can be as they take on the various testing challenges. The exposure to these challenges, and the inherent skill, instills a sense of confidence and perspective in the participant to overcome any future life challenges.

Turning the IMPOSSIBLE into I’M POSSIBLE ™

Camp Hope

There’s an old saying that “time heals all wounds.” At this camp, you’ll discover a salve that might be even more powerful: Shared experience.

It’s an uncomplicated recreational retreat for kids and adults dealing with the death or loss of a loved one. Through the use of fun, recreational activity and campfire facilitated discussion, it creates the perfect atmosphere to feel safe. Life is precious and when you help someone through hard times, you form bonds that last a lifetime


Camp Parents Retreat

Don’t you often just wish that you could just sit down with a bunch of like minded people and share what you are regularly challenged with, by being ……a good parent?....

After all, a problem shared is a problem solved ,well on Camp PR you get to do this around the greatest social lubricant of all…. The Camp FIRE. As with all our camps the recreational activities are built such that you get to share those special moments and act as a conduit for relationships to form…..


Camp Female

This camp is created specifically females only. It is a facilitated learning journey that gives participants an opportunity to learn from and be mentored by other “valued” orientated women. It is a safe camp where women can safely discuss some of the everyday challenges and societal expectations they face each day. Built around fun recreational challenge and guided learning, the participant will have the opportunity to explore the following and more:


Camp Men

This camp is created specifically for men only. It is a facilitated learning journey that gives participants an opportunity to learn from and be mentored by other “valued” orientated men. It is a safe camp where men can safely discuss some of the everyday challenges and societal expectations they face each day. Built around fun recreational challenge and guided learning, the participant will have the opportunity to explore.

Camp Family

This camp is created for the father/mother/son/daughter/ relationship and acts as a conduit to provide an opportunity for re connection and growth. The camp is built around fun recreational activities and challenges that help facilitate connection.

Nothing better than to have a talk around the camp fire.


Camp Teenagers

This Camp with 3 different levels is structured to provide rich life skills education to Teenagers that supports them on their life journey. The Camp is based around good old fashioned “values” in a recreational setting where teenagers will learn to take responsibility of that journey. No mobile phones.


Camp Sport

This camp is for athletes seeking a higher performance and great for pre season mental tuning. A great campfire setting where you get access to a highly experienced Coach. This camp teaches the foundations for success in any sport or high performance arena. All the factors of success, sport psychology, Nutrition, fitness, are addressed


Camp Fitness/bootcamp

This multi layered and 3 level Camp is a test of a person’s or Team’s mental and physical abilities under pressure. This camp is about you or your team backing yourself to be the best you can be in all sorts of testing situations. At this Camp we adopt military and sport science principles to bring to you a 360 challenge. Go hard or go home!!


Rite of Passage

Our rite of passage experience are characterised by three distinct phases:

Separation; leaving the familiar;

Transition: a time of challenge, learning and growth. (traditional knowledge and wisdom)

Return: Incorporation and reintegration; (back into the tribe with a recognition with new social status)

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2022 Kokoda Trek (11 Day Trip)2022 Kokoda Trek (11 Day Trip)25 Sep 2022 - 5 Oct 2022Join us on this incredible 9 day adventure walk in the footsteps of the Aussie Diggers. Limited group size. Guided by an experienced Australian leader with comprehensive local knowledge and customs and an unwavering passion for the Kokoda history, hidden battle sites, treasures and most importantly its legacy, you will experience the highs and lows of the treacherous Kokoda Track with a sense of courage, endurance and mateship without the ultimate sacrifice that our digger's made before us.More... Book Now... Add to Calendar

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