Lieutenant Colonel on Kokoda Track

31 Oct 2007 12:00 AM

Hear what the Lieutenant Colonel and his group have to say about their recent experience on the Kokoda Track upon their return 28 October 2007

Kokoda Track - October 2007

“In selecting a company to take our Group over the Kokoda Trek I researched a number of providers. In making my decision I considered: Safety (security, insurance, communication and evacuation plan), Trek Leadership (an experienced, knowledgeable leader who could provide a detailed description of the people and events), and prior success (record in getting all participants safely over the Track). Our Spirit exceeded all my expectations in providing the entire Group with a rich “life time experience” conducted in an unobtrusive safe environment with the support of the local “Legends”. The Trek Leader’s knowledge and passion for the history, the Track, the Veterans and the local people ensured that we all not only understood the events but importantly received, through him, a very personal insight into the extraordinary individual achievements that occurred.”

Lieutenant Colonel Bruce Armstrong, Chief Operating Officer, Allomak Limited

"A loose assortment of 13 bright and shiny blokes bounced around in the Twin Otter from Port Moresby to Kokoda strip. 7 days later, at Owers Corner, a great team of sweaty and tired people emerged all the richer for their experience. We had lived a small portion of the history of the Kokoda campaign. Aidan's passion, historical knowledge, involvement in and explanation of the Kokoda campaign left one with a sense of awe and humility about the contribution that our Diggers made to the defeat of the Japanese forces in New Guinea. The ability to experience, first hand, some of the physical and mental challenges that faced our troops is something I will not forget and feel fortunate to have experienced. Thank you to Aidan, The Legends and the team at Our Spirit for a truly memorable experience."

Graham Willis, Director Human Capital, Russell Reynolds Associates

"Thanks for taking us on a great trek. It's good to meet someone who really believes in what they are doing, and along the way contributes to the community in Papua New Guinea. The way that you safely led the trek, managed the logistics, and gave us detailed military history with personal anecdotes was a real benefit. I'd have no hesitation in recommending your program to others."

Bernard O'Brien, CMO, GHD

Walking the Kokoda Track with Aidan and the Our Spirit team was one of the most moving and enjoyably challenging experiences that I have ever had. The adventure was set within a mosaic of truly important and heat felt history blended with the striking natural beauty of the Owen Stanley mountain ranges. This journey through pristine jungle filled river valleys and higher altitude rainforests takes a person out of the every day and makes your senses and soul feel alive again.

Aidan and the Our Spirit team provided a very well organized adventure that had obviously been planned well. The trek was not only filled and delivered with well researched first hand historical information, it was also conducted very professionally and with the safety and enjoyment of the trekkers in mind.

Lieutenant RAN (rtd) Adam Bate, Partner, Titan Executive Services