What our clients have to say...

30 Aug 2007 12:00 AM

Read some of the latest testimonials from our clients on completion of their Kokoda Trek in August 2007

Kokoda Trek August 2007

“This trip has shown me more about myself and those around me than I ever imagined. This has been a life changing experience and one that I won’t forget or waste. Thank you Aidan and Rob, I’ll be back”

Jon Keeling, Gosford, NSW

“with my sons it made such a complete experience. Would it be the same (as good as) last year??? Exhilarating, exhausting and very emotional experience. A walking history lesson and a lesson in human relations.”

Mick Brosnan, Pambula, NSW

“I always though of myself as a proud Aussie… I am now in awe and prouder than ever to be Australian. I now have an experience that no one can ever take from me and for this I thank you. You encouraged and inspired me to better myself. I can’t thank you enough.”

Sandra Mussali, Point Frederick, NSW

“Thank you for opening our eyes to what has happened to form the backbone of our amazing country. It has been an amazing adventure and you have instilled in me a will to help those less fortunate and especially those that aren’t as noticed as they should be. I am prouder than ever to be an Australian. Thank you.”

Matt Brosnan, New Farm, QLD

“I thought about the Kokoda trek for many years, but until my son and daughter-in-law asked me along, it was only a pre-dream but now it is a dream come true. From the time I landed in Kokoda and was adopted by Wagi and his family who nicknamed me as one of their own for the time we spent together. I have had a wonderful time. Loved every mountain and river crossing, every campsite and especially every swimming hole. The history I learnt from the Our Spirit Team has enlightened and at times saddened me and is something that will stay with me forever. Thank you.”

Rob Tomlinson, Beaudesert, QLD

“I came on this trip to learn more about our history. I did and I also learnt more about myself. Please don’t underestimate the level of my appreciation when I simply say “thank you, sincerely”

Tim Keeling, Gosford, NSW

“I am finding it hard to find the words to thank you properly. This experience has blown away my expectations (and I had such high expectations from how my dad talked about his experience). I feel I have gained so much as a person for doing the track. From a now seemingly insignificant physical aspect through to learning so much about our history, the Papuan history and culture an appreciation of how fortunate I am and how proud we should be to all ourselves Australian, respect and an even closer bond with my brother and father. Thanks to you guys for your inspiration, I hope I can pass this “spirit” on to others"

Nick Brosnan, Kangaroo Point, QLD

“This trek has awakened the need in me to recognise my own father’s war service in PNG. Hopefully I will return with my own sons to honour him and the others who served here.”

Murray Wilson, Lilydale, VIC