Keeping the Spirit alive

11 Jul 2007 12:00 AM

A special event occurred on our walk along the Kokoda Track guided by Rob Brown of Our Spirit when Harold Young a WWII veteran, aged almost 82 years completed the track in 7 days from 3-10 July 2007

Kokoda Track - July 2007

An old rifle had been found by a local landowner in his garden, at the village Aguro on the Brown River.  It is a swampy area.  The rifle, a 303 relic from the Kokoda campaign, was in danger of being sold and taken away.  Our group were able to purchase the rifle for Harold on behalf of the Port Arlington - St Leonards RSL.  We felt it should remain where it had been found, as a tribute to its unknown owner and those who fought on the Track.  The photograph shows the ceremony of Harold Young (81 years 11 months), handing over the rifle to the local head man, Sodie on behalf of the Port Arlington - St Leonards RSL in respect of those persons from Papua New Guinea and Australia who in 1942 fought along the Kokoda Track.

This photograph, the rifle and notes are now displayed with the rifle in the village of Aguro for all visitors to enjoy and reflect. 

With appreciation and thanks to Peter Menz who arranged copies of the photographs and notes to be delivered to the village of Agura and the Port Arlington - St Leonards RSL.