Trekkers mourn plane crash victims

14 Aug 2009 12:00 AM

Leader, Aidan Grimes flew the flag at half mast at Isurava yesterday as members of Our Spirit's August trekking group gave a minute silence in honour of the victims and their families.

Trekkers mourn plane crash victims

Sixteen members of the Our Spirit August adventure group arrived safely at Isurava yesterday after trekking from Kokoda on Wednesday. 

Our Spirit acknowledges the personal loss of our family friend, Kingsley from PNG, who was on the ill fated flight to Kokoda on Tuesday.  He was returning from Port Moresby with a birthday cake for his two year old son. 

We also express our deepest sympathies for four CFA members within our group, who are also grieving the loss of their colleague as well as the family and friends of all the victims.