John Belini R.I.P.

25 May 2009 12:00 AM

We (Kokoda and Our Spirit) have lost one of our greatest friends yesterday. John Beleni has passed away and it saddens me greatly to have to write this notice.

John Belini R.I.P.

I met John nearly 14 years ago when he welcomed me into his family with open heart and open arms.  He is a man that I grew very fond of and was honoured to become part of his amazing family. I have never met anyone quite like him and am broken hearted to think I will never see his incredibly smiling face or feel his energy again. His loving wife Judith who was his greatest friend and confidante is absolutely devastated.  Kokoda will miss him and all the energies he invested in its youth and to its future.

John always went out of his way to make everyone feel welcome.  He encouraged those that chose to walk the Kokoda Track.  He was proud of his achievement receiving the PM’s medal for all his voluntary work and the respect he had throughout the community.  The light in his eyes when we got the Kokoda Soccer Cup up and running is something I will never forget.  The many hours that we sat and talked, about all things.  He consistently displayed a great humanity.  A humanity that we, in our society very rarely get to see.  He had nothing, but he had everything.  He was a very wise and kind soul.  A man that should have been the King.

John loved and was proud of his daughters and his sons.  He helped guide their future.  He has experienced a lot of hurt over the years, but failed to let it affect his smile.  He always had a way of extinguishing  confrontations and shining light where needed in the dark.  He taught me his ways.  He was my equal.  He was my brother and I respected him greatly.  He had an insight that many so called society “leaders’ will never have.  He was practical and sought nothing.  He cared, he survived…. until Sunday.

John Belini should now become part of Kokoda folklore as this is the least he deserves.  For this man gave all his life so that his people could enjoy the life they have.  A true son of Kokoda who will be greatly missed. If there is a heaven I know he will be there helping others.

My dear friend, John only a few weeks ago....   JB - at home in Kokoda