Do you or your kids suffer Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) ?.. the Kokoda Track can solve this!!!!

14 Nov 2016 12:00 AMAdministration SupportDo you or your kids suffer Nature Deficit Disorder (NDD) ?.. the Kokoda Track can solve this!!!!

It is common knowledge now the benefits kids and adults receive from spending time in nature. However, recently it has come to light that there is potentially a condition called Nature deficit disorder NDD that modern kids are exposed to due to the modernization of society and the lack of opportunities to play and explore.


Inspiring the next generation

3 Aug 2016 12:00 AMAdministration SupportInspiring the next generation

More than 500 Students at Busu Secondary School, Lae PNG were excited to listen to Aidan Grimes talk when he visited the school 2 August 2016


Kokoda Tour Operators Association

13 Jan 2016 2:12 PMAdministration SupportKokoda Tour Operators Association

Now more than ever there is a need for this newly formed association to represent the bona fide tour operators who lead, guide and work with tour activities along and on the Kokoda Track/Trail and the northern beach, Kokoda connected, battle areas in Papua New Guinea.


On the Road to Success

9 Dec 2015 3:00 PMAdministration SupportOn the Road to Success

Join one of the world’s best cyclists who will take you on a guided tour through his old training grounds in Tasmania and show you some of the best training routes combined with one of the most scenic countryside’s in the world.


Loss of Challenge

2 Dec 2015 12:44 PMAdministration SupportLoss of Challenge

One of the clear victims of social progress in my opinion has been the loss or removal of challenge from our lives. We have got to the stage where everything we do is risk assessed to assure that anything we do is predictable. I am sure that this loss of challenge is being driven by the need to mitigate liability, but I can’t help wondering what it is doing to us and in particular younger people as they seek to develop their identities.

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