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Hello [Nickname or First Name],

The following information is sent to our clients to enable them to prepare for the upcoming adventure. This information is sent via a series of emails. There are elements here that will also be useful to you as a valued member of our support team. If you have any questions or concerns about the information provided, please let me know.

Please use the following checklist to ensure that you have addressed all the requirements indicated:

[   ]   Confirm Your Travel Plans

To participate you need to have a current passport valid for 6 months after your return date. Note; PNG travel visas are now obtained free of charge upon arrival in Port Moresby.

To assist you with your travel arrangements, the travel planning guide contains information regarding domestic and international travel for this adventure.

[   ]   Complimentary Travel Insurance

Our Spirit offer complimentary travel insurance of up to $100 per person for Australian residents participating in this event which will be co-ordinated by Michelle Thomas from Travel Managers (M: 0405 447 338 E: michellet@travelmanagers.com.au).

Please note, additional travel cover for pre-existing conditions, policy extensions, etc. will be charged separately. 

To claim the complimentary travel insurance, please review the attached copy of the insurer's "product disclosure statement" and then complete the application form and email directly to Michelle for processing.

If you are not an Australian resident or prefer to use your own travel insurance policy, please reply to this email with your details (i.e. insurer's name, your policy number and insurer's emergency contact details). Additionally, you will need to confirm that your insurer covers you for "evacuation from the jungles of PNG" in the event of a medical emergency.  

If you have any questions regarding travel insurance or you wish to book additional travel, please contact Michelle directly. 

[   ]   Review Terms and Conditions

Please review your copy of the digital terms and conditions, which you agreed to during the booking process. No further action is required, however if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.

[    ]  Review Inclusions & Exclusions

Please review the 2018 Kokoda NSWPL ANZAC Advenutre Package inclusions and exclusions, for your event. Our adventure packages are very comprehensive however, participants are still subject to additional costs, which are determined by their personal circumstances. Please let me know if you require further clarification in this regard.

[   ]   Confirm Personal Information

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your first and last name entered are identical to your passport as this information will be used to issue your international airline ticket. If your legal name is different from your preferred name, please use "alias" to enter the name you want us to use when addressing you in all our future correspondence. To make changes to your personal details, please reply to this email.

The next step is to review the following information and commence your tour specific training program. 

[   ]   Obtain Medical Clearance

Although Our Spirit does not generally require proof of medical clearance, we recommend that all participants consult their general practitioner prior to commencing our training program. Obviously, disclosure of Medical Considerations must be made to Our Spirit in a timely manner to ensure individual needs can be met.

[   ]   View Hiking Boot Guide

There are many brands of hiking boots available on the market today, so to help you choose boots that will fit and work correctly for you, we have created a Boot Selection Guide

[   ]   View Backpack Guide & Fitting

Please review our Backpack Selection Guide to assist you in determining the right backpack for your trek. You will also benefit from reading the following information on Backpack Fitting.

[   ]   Print Trekking Equipment Checklist

We recommend that you print a copy of our comprehensive Trekking Equipment Checklist, which highlights essential and optional items to take on this adventure. If you haven't already done so, please go to the Our Spirit Online Shop where you can order trekking equipment and momentos for your adventure.

To support you through the next stage of your Kokoda Track preparation, we recommend that you review the following comprehensive information about all aspect of training to ensure you are physically fit for the challenge ahead.

[   ]   View Training Guide

Please refer to the Training Guide for information about the FITT principles, the phases of training and how to monitor your performance and preventing injury.

[   ]   Complete Stretch Program

We recommend that you print out the Stretch Program for easy access. These stretches will help you maintain your felxibility throughout the training program.

[   ]   Complete Training Program

Ideally, we recommend a 3 Month Training Program to physically prepare for the Kokoda Track. However, people who have a fitness level of 5-6 can commence Kokoda specific training, 60 days prior to departure without compromise. 

[  ]    Incorporate Bush Walks Into Your Training

There are literally hundreds of bushwalking tracks throughout Australia which you can utilise to prepare yourself for the Kokoda Track in PNG. Please contact Aidan directly on 0414 521531 or aidan@ourspirit.com.au if you would like information on appropriate training areas proximus to your residence or workplace.

[   ]   Review Nutrition Guide

It is important to maintain a healthy diet in order sustain your increased activity throughtout your training program. Therefore, we have developed a Nutrition Guide to set you on the right path.

At this stage of preparation, you should have completed your travel insurance forms (or provided us with your insurance details) and profile information; sourced most of your equipment and be well underway with your training program. Your departure date is getting closer, so the following information will be useful to you at this time.

[   ]   Updated Travel Itinerary

Please refer to your travel itinerary for preliminary details on your upcoming adventure. Please check the schedule to ensure the international departure and return details match your requirements, as options may have changed since your original booking. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.

[   ]   Review Our PNG Travel Guide

Our PNG Kokoda Travel Guide provides information relevant to trekking the Kokoda Track and includes an introduction to the geography, history, culture and climate in PNG. There is also a section on frequently asked questions for your interest.

[   ]   Read Information For Women On Kokoda

We have provided a separate Women's Guide specifically to address the health & hygiene considerations for women on the Kokoda Track.

[   ]   PNG Visas

On 23 June 2016, the Papua New Guinea Immigration and Citizenship Service Authority issued a notification that changes the way in which Australian Passport Holders obtain a tourist visa to visit the country. In summary, Australian Passports holders will now be able to obtain a Visitor visa “fee free” upon arrival in PNG at the Port Jackson International Airport, which will be valid for 30 days. Accordingly, we ask that you please confirm that your passport has more than 6 month’s validity to ensure they qualify for the PNG visa on arrival in Port Moresby.

Part 5 and 6 of our correspondence to clients will also be sent to you 3 weeks and 1 week prior to departure.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Kris. Mackay
Client & Business Services

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