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Kokoda Track Closure

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In the past two days, you may have seen the story about the Kokoda Track Closure.

The key message is the protest is being held by a small number of people who have been led on by the CEO, hopefully soon to be ex-CEO, of the Kokoda Track Authority (KTA). A major component of the KTA is to keep the Kokoda Track open.

A review involving both the PNG & Australian Governments of not only the KTA but the Kokoda Track, has already commenced. This protest is more about the CEO losing power than it is about the welfare of the people living along the Track. Over the past 20 years it is almost customary that there is some sort of demand placed upon the industry each February, before the start of the season.

There are literally hundreds of people who live along the Kokoda Track who are preparing for the 2018 trekking season right this very minute. People who depend on income from the trekking industry such as the porters, the villagers renting out their guest houses and providing goods and services, not to mention the key logistics components of airlines, hotels, transport, food, admin, govt requirements etc.

We are confident that this current “issue” will be dealt with swiftly and will advise you accordingly.

Kind regards,

Aidan Grimes
Managing Director

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